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  • The Environment

    At Acadian, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by conserving fuel and energy during our operations and increasing green practices that will allow for a more sustainable future.  

    As employee owners, we diligently monitor our energy and material consumption at all Acadian locations, holding each other accountable for reducing company waste and costs.

    In an effort to decrease our fuel consumption and costs, newly deployed Acadian Ambulance Service Sprinters yield nearly twice the mileage of other ambulances. Within a few years, our entire fleet will consist of these fuel-efficient Sprinters.

    Members of our Acadian family dedicate time and resources outside of the business day to support sustainability and green practices throughout our communities. Through volunteer work, environmentally conscious practices at home, and community education, all of us at Acadian know that no matter how small a change we make in our lives, we can make a difference for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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    General Information:
    Acadian | P.O. Box 98000 | Lafayette, LA 70509-8000 | 1.800.259.3333                                                            

    300 Hopkins Street | Lafayette, LA 70501
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