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    Acadian's governance is structured to design, inform, and lead our culture of excellence in every area of our operations. Our leaders bring a strategic blend of skills, experience, and vision with a rooted sense of family and responsibility to our employees. Acadian's commitment to quality service, safety, and health is executed through the strategies and action plans developed by our informed leaders, processes, communications, and training.  

    Our executive leaders steward and inform Acadian's diversified portfolio as they champion and foster a business environment that encourages employee excellence.

    Executive Leadership: Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board | Chief Financial Officer | Chief Administrative Officer

    Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board: Richard Zuschlag

    Richard Zuschlag, chairman/chief executive officer, founded Acadian Ambulance in 1971 after working for Greenville Broadcasting Company and Westinghouse Electric Company Space and Defense Center. Richard is responsible for leading the successful implementation of Acadian's strategic and operational initiatives company wide. His direct reports include Acadian's chief officers and other key executive staff. Richard is a graduate of the Capitol Institute of Technology.
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer: David Kelly

    David L. Kelly, executive vice president and chief financial officer since 1995, oversees accounting and budgeting functions as well as financial and income tax reporting processes for Acadian. David maintains banking relationships and is the principal officer regarding merger and acquisitions. He provides direction for Acadian's health insurance plan, 401(k), and employee stock ownership plan. Currently vice chair of the National ESOP Association, he is also a board of trustees member of The Employee Ownership Foundation. David, a CPA, earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in business administration from Louisiana State University.
    Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer: John Zuschlag

    John Zuschlag, executive vice president of Support Systems and CAO, joined Acadian in 1976 as a ground and air medic. He currently oversees billing, fleet maintenance, IT and electronics, building maintenance, and materials management. John directed the installation, development, and implementation of IT's billing, maintenance, communication, and medic support software packages specific to the EMS field. His nursing background (BSN, RN) helps John understand the specific needs and support medics require.


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