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  • Our Culture

    In an area known for a family-centric culture with strong communities and hard workers, Acadian Ambulance grew out of our community’s need for emergency medical support and care. Commitment to our community, along with our love of the people within it, guided us in the beginning and is our driving force today. Even with our expansive growth across multiple states, that mindset continues to be the foundation of our organization. At Acadian, we are proud to be a community of people caring for our family, friends, and neighbors.

    As Acadian employees, we have a great deal of pride in what we do, and we see every day as an opportunity to make a difference. Our passion and compassion guide our actions as we treat more than just the injury or ailment, but the person as a whole.

    At Acadian, we dream big. What separates us from the rest is the action we take to make those dreams a reality. Our innovation and embrace of new technology help us improve our services and care, something our customers have come to expect from us.

    The Acadian family is one in which each of us is heard and respected. As employee owners, we all have a stake in the company and our day-to-day actions directly affect Acadian’s success — something we are always conscious of and working toward. We each get the chance to grow, change, and try different things to help improve our services and positively affect the lives of others.

    Passion, compassion, dedication, investment, and innovation...that's the Acadian way.


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    General Information:
    Acadian | P.O. Box 98000 | Lafayette, LA 70509-8000 | 1.800.259.3333                                                            

    300 Hopkins Street | Lafayette, LA 70501
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