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  • Our History

    What started out in 1971 as a small ambulance company in Lafayette, Louisiana, has exploded into a multi-faceted, globally reaching company.

    Today, Acadian has more than 4,000 employees — ranging from Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians and pilots to health, safety, and security professional and support staff. The Acadian fleet includes more than 400 ground ambulances, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft.

    Despite our rapid and vast progress, our mission remains the same: to improve the lives of our patients, customers, and employees through our
    innovative spirit and diversity.

    Our vision is for the name “Acadian” to be synonymous with the best health, safety, and security services in the nation, and the world. 

    Acadian Ambulance Service

    Acadian Ambulance Service began operations in 1971, in response to a sudden crisis. Communities around the country found themselves without emergency medical transportation when new federal regulations caused funeral homes to discontinue using their hearses for emergency transport.

    These regulations went into effect at midnight on September 1, 1971. At 12:01 a.m., Acadian Ambulance began its Louisiana operations with three young co-founders, two ambulances, eight medics, and 279 square miles of Lafayette Parish to cover.

    Air Med Services

    Surrounding parishes became interested in having Acadian Ambulance’s pre-hospital emergency care and soon invitations to serve came pouring in from other areas. Louisiana's diverse geography of rich swamps and marshlands, and extensive rural areas, made navigation in a ground ambulance an often daunting, or even impossible, task.

    To address this challenge, Acadian Ambulance expanded to include Air Med Services in 1981, which hosted the first helicopter in Lafayette. This allowed Acadian Ambulance to quickly access
    onshore and offshore emergency situations.

    By 1989, Air Med had also acquired fixed wing aircraft for extended emergency and non-emergency air medical transports.

    Executive Aircraft Charter Service

    Eventually the fixed wing fleet of Air Med would progress into Executive Aircraft Charter Service; since only a handful of air medical flights are scheduled per week, the interior of the aircraft can be easily reconfigured and utilized for business or pleasure flights throughout North America.

    Safety Management Systems

    At its inception, Air Med was the first aero-medical provider in the Gulf of Mexico with helicopters equipped like a hospital emergency room and flight paramedics. This vastly enhanced the safety of offshore workers and it wasn't long before Acadian also began providing contract medics to work shifts on oil installations offshore.

    The duality of these developments led to partnerships with the oil & gas companies, which in turn evolved into Safety Management Systems, Acadian’s health, safety, environmental, medical, security and training service company.

    Today, SMS is one of the largest providers of these services in the industry and caters to an array of industrial safety needs, such as: safety and regulatory compliance training, health and wellness testing and specialized programs, and remote paramedics.

    Acadian Total Security

    Since 1999, Acadian Total Security has been protecting more than 150,000 homes and businesses across the nation. Through innovation, experience and technology, Acadian offers complete security solutions to homes and businesses. Their extensive service lines include security and home automation systems, personal emergency response systems, GPS fleet and asset tracking and management, advanced video security systems, access control systems, and much more.

    Acadian delivers unique, industry-leading remote video monitoring and audio intervention services. The company's proactive security solutions are designed to detect events before or as they occur, and respond in real time.

    Additionally, Acadian operates a highly specialized medical monitoring center that protects thousands of clients nationwide who use personal emergency response systems. The medical monitoring center hires only certified emergency medical dispatchers who are specially trained by  the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatchers.

    National EMS Academy

    Because most ambulance services were unregulated before 1970, Acadian became a pioneer when first training EMTs. Acadian’s 700-hour National Registry paramedic course was one of the first of its kind offered in Louisiana. In-house EMS education continued over the next three decades as Acadian’s medical education department trained medics and offered the continuing education hours EMTs needed to recertify.

    However, along with the growth of the company came a corresponding shortage of paramedics. With this in mind, the National EMS Academy was launched in 2003 through collaboration with South Louisiana Community College, so Acadian could educate its own medics.

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    General Information:
    Acadian | P.O. Box 98000 | Lafayette, LA 70509-8000 | 1.800.259.3333                                                            

    300 Hopkins Street | Lafayette, LA 70501
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